Meet Ferah Ozbek, Host of the Military Law Matters Podcast

Ferah Ozbek served as a judge advocate in the United States Air Force for 22 years retiring as a Colonel.  She served as a military prosecutor, defense counsel, staff judge advocate and Senior Legal Advisor to both the Secretary of the Air Force Personnel Council and the Discharge Review Board.  Several years after Ferah retired from the United States Air Force, she realized she missed the practice of law and she especially missed helping military members.  So, Ferah began her own law practice to help military members and veterans facing injustice. 

When Ferah started her own practice, she realized that her clients were confused about the military justice process and were uneasy about what to expect in the future.  Her clients did not understand what to do if they were under criminal investigation and did not know how to fight back against injustice.   Ferah enjoyed answering clients’ questions and helping them understand their options and strategizing solutions.

But Ferah wanted a way to share her expertise and the expertise of others military law attorneys with a larger audience. That’s when she came up with the idea for the Military Law Matters Podcast, a podcast where she and other attorneys–most of whom were military veterans–would discuss a military law topic to educate and arm our nations’ heroes with knowledge so they did not become victims of injustice.

She wanted the podcast listeners to be able to spot legal issues and be proactive in taking care of legal matters ranging from military justice to divorce and military pensions to estate planning and correcting injustices in one’s official records and many other legal issues. 

Ferah also realized that military clients (active duty, veterans, reserve, national guard and retirees) needed a way to find the right attorney.  There were times when Ferah could not help a client because their legal issue was not within her practice area.  When Ferah connected a client with an attorney who was an expert in a particular area the client needed help with, the client was delighted and so was the attorney.

Ferah believes that there is an ideal attorney for every client and an ideal client for every attorney.  To help clients find the right attorney, the Military Law Matters website has an Attorney Search function to help clients find their ideal attorney by searching for a specific practice area and geographical location.  The Military Law Attorney Directory is also a great way for military law attorneys to connect and collaborate with each other. 

Ferah hopes the Military Law Podcast will help ease the burdens of the military community as they navigate through the life’s challenges.  Ferah also knows that there is always hope for every legal issue you are facing.  So, never ever give up!

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